Trauma Treasures

EMDR Consultations

Individual and group consultation is designed to deepen your understanding and application of EMDR psychotherapy, including topics such as:

  • Case Conceptualization and treatment planning through an AIP model
  • Develop your understanding and application of the eight phases of EMDR standard protocol
  • When to apply special protocols based on different clinical demands
  • Stay up to date on research and new clinical developments
  • Treating complex trauma with EMDR psychotherapy
  • In depth discussion of your clinical cases including reviewing transcripts and video tapes

Additional Information


Individual Consultation
50 minute session

Group Consultation
Five month series for two hour groups $625


Groups will have no more than 6 members and you are asked to commit to all five meeting and pay in advance.


A record of your attendance will be kept in order to earn hours toward EMDR certification.

EMDR Consultation Application

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