Trauma Treasures

Essential New Client Forms

These forms are required to be completed and sent to me via email prior to our intake.

I’m happy to answer any questions and looking forward to working with you.

Informed Consent

This form provides an overview of my services and contains important information that generates safety and clarity regarding my policies and the legal requirements of my practice. Please read this form in its entirety prior to signing it.

Download PDF Form >>

Release of Information

This form allows me to release information to those you designate as appropriate (your current therapist, physician, etc.).

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For Billing

The purpose of this form is to inform you that I will be contracting with a bookkeeping provider who will have access to weekly billing information sheet with your name, CPT Codes, Diagnostic Code, the time we spent together, the fee for service and what you paid or owe for that service.

Download PDF Form >>